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Control Cabinet

FMD Control Cabinet:
Control Cabinet can be installed up to 3 Control Box and is located in the substation main control room.
Exterior Dimension (length×width×height): 800×600×2260(mm)
Weight: 180kg

FMD Fire Cabinet:
Each Fire Cabinet protects one transformer installed adjacent to the transformer.
Exterior Dimension (length×width×height): 1000×600×2050(mm)
Weight: 450kg

Activated by fault signal “Ⅰ”: Prevent explosion and fire:
“Ⅰ”send to FMD system if the oil tank is overpressure and the transformer breaker is tripping.

Activated by fault signal“Ⅱ” : Extinct fire:
“Ⅱ” send to FMD system along with a fault signal from a fire detector if the transformer is
over-current, different current, over-concentrated, and earthing.

Activated manually:
FMD can be activated manually in any emergency case.

Logic Diagram of FMD(Used in the protection of transformer tank):