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Foam Spray System

 "PMM" Foam-spray Extinguishing Equipment use high-performance foam concentrate as extinguish agent, the foam is delivered through the nozzle at a certain pressure, which can extinguish the fire immediately. "PMM" Series are effective against different types of fire.
 "PMM" Foam-spray Extinguishing Equipment is a new type of extinguisher without the use of water tank, dedicated power supply and pump unit. The system with stable performance is easy to operate and require little maintenance. It is prior to other types of extinguisher by its excellent performance, safety, economy, and environment friendly.
 "PMM" Series is designed professionally with advanced technology and reliable performance. Our systems are tested by National Fire Department with all specifications conforming to the Standards of Chinese National GA 834-2009《Foam-spraying Extinguishing Equipments》, which were inspected and approved by National Committee of Fixed Fire Extinguishing System, the mainly technical specifications have reached the international leading level.

"PMM" Foam-spray Extinguishing Equipment combines the virtues of foam extinguisher and water spraying extinguisher, which can extinguish the fire and anti-flaming immediately by means of cooling, emulsifying, and isolation. Mainly used in the places with high risk of fire or explosion such as oil-filled transformer, oil-fired generator room, oil-fired boiler room, oil-fired transport vessel, oil-tank in oil depot-port of oil transportation, hangarage, garage, petro-chemical enterprise, and oil refinery.
1)  Not relying on any water tank, dedicated power supply, or pumping set.
2)  Very easy to install, operate and maintain, especially suited to the water-deficient area.
3)  Extinguish the fire quickly and anti-reburning with a good comprehensive effects of cooling,  emulsifying, isolation.
4)  Environment friendly with less usage of extinguishing agent.
5)  Using power N2 cylinder, small in size, the configuration is subject to the users' requirements; it does not require fire pools and water supplies,  suited to the water-deficient area.
6)  The equipment can be activated by automatically, manually, and emergency control.
7)  The system has a stand-by power which is connected to the substation control monitor through a communication interface.
8)  The system is very easy to install, operate, and maintain.

2、Structure and Principle:
"PMM" Foam-spray Extinguishing Equipment is mainly consist of a set of control cabinet, foam tank, power N2 cylinder, actuating device, pressure reducer, electric control valve, non-return valve, pipe network, and nozzle.

Structure Diagram:
1 Foam Tank                        6 Pressure Regulator     11 Control Valve                
2 Electric-contact                 7 Power N2 Cylinder       12 Filtrator
3 Pressure Relief Valve        8 Collection Pipe             13 Maintenance Valve 
4 Observation Window        9 Activation Pipe             14 Area Control Valve      
5 Activation N2 Cylinder     10 Control Box                  15 Nozzles               16 Piping Network

3、Performance Parameter: 
Activation: Manually, automatically and emergency control
Operating Pressure: 0.5-1.0MPa (depending on the specific engineering design)
Volume: The capacity of foam tank is depending on the engineering design
Activation N2  Cylinder volume: 4L-6L
Nominal Operating Pressure of Activation N2 Cylinder (20℃): 6MPa
Maximum Operating Pressure of Activation N2 Cylinder (50℃): 6.6MPa
Capacity of Power N2 Cylinders: 70L
Nominal Operating Pressure of N2 Cylinders (20℃): 15MPa
Maximum Operating Pressure of N2 Cylinders (50℃): 17.2MPa
Continuous Supply Time: ≥15 min
Extinguishing Agent Capacity: ≥8L /min·m2
Operating Pressure of Nozzles: ≥0.35MPa
Working Power Supply: AC 220V 5A   Internal: DC 24V